Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sight Words bulletin board

Our LNC has filled another Bulletin board in our halls with sight words to engage the students. I like it, what do you think? 

Reminds me of up!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Guided Reading

I've posted about our New Guided Reading Routine Before and showed pictures of my guided reading corner. But here is a bit more about what's going on with my kiddos.

This Chart shows where every single student from 1 and 2 are placed on our guided reading levels (We don't use a standard leveling chart, our board uses an alternate designed  by another board several years ago.)

As you can see from this chart from a few weeks ago, I'm working with two of our Emergent Literacy Groups. Students in these groups have one or more section left to pass on our boards Emergent Literacy Test. Our LNC teacher tries to test and pass as many of these kids as she can every week, and I try to give them the skills needed to pass the sections they have yet to master. 

Each student gets a Large Ziploc with their name on it that the staff member they are working with can place the books they are reading and the running record when they are ready. We also put in sight word pages and other printed activities done to coordinate with the book. Inside is a book list so that students can record which books they've done at which level so when they switch groups but maybe at the same level the new staff member can ensure they aren't studying the same book for several weeks in a row.

Two activities I've done with my Emergent Groups.
Most of the Kids still in our Emergent groups are having trouble with sight words still. They need to know at least two to pass that section of the test. I've made several of these worksheets up to practice finding our sight words. This is just one of many activities we do. Did you see my slap words game? It's a modified version of a paid product in my tpt shop.
The second is the Intervention page for the Oral Language Component of the test. At this point I think only one student has yet to pass this section, but hopefully he will in the new year. The EA in my class is his Auntie. He won't consistently talk to any other staff, but he will to her, so we're hoping he'll be able to pass the test if she administers it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gifts for my Class

Do you give you class Christmas gifts?

I do every year. This year I decided to do it Goody bag style with a bunch of prizes from

There are SO many different gifts a teacher could give her class, that the possibilities are endless. What do you give?

In the past I've given books. I found a great deal on mini Robert Munsch books so bought a class set, twice.

Last year I gave a few dollar store goodies and cookies.

But I've tracked down so MANY cute idea. Here, check out my favourites:

1. Rainbow Noses
Source: A personal Touch

2. Framed Wordels
Source: Hojos Teaching Adventure

3. Sharpie Mugs
Personalized Snowman Mugs
Source: Happygoluckyblog

4. Snowman Chocolate and mitt hats
Source Unknown. Broken Pinterest Link
What are you giving this year?

Monday, December 15, 2014

First Grade Christmas Doors

Here are the doors that myself and our other first grade teacher have both put up to Celebrate Christmas. Since the day I put ours up, my kids have been asking me when they get to bring the Gingerbread man with their name on it home.

I think that means they like it! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Around the World 2014

This is my second Year of Doing Christmas around the World with my class. I've changed up some of the activities we did, ok, a LOT of the activities and countries. 

I've been downloading My First Passions daily freebies to show my class real pictures of Christmas in other countries, although I haven't used her worksheets as I've found them too difficult for my kids.

Day One: We talked about How WE celebrate Christmas In Canada. We read A visit from St. Nicholas (although it's Not Canadian, the traditions in it depict our Christmas' really well).

Then we read the Brand New Canadian Jingles Bells Which I had picked up for my daughter for Christmas, and was considering using as our Christmas song for the concert.

Next step was to prepare our suitcases and our passports. I forgot to take a picture of the passport, oops! 
Our suitcases are really simple, they are just file folders with a Christmas around the world ticket glued on the front.

The First Page to go into our suitcases is this one I made for Christmas in Canada. I give the students a page with several sentences to choose from to cut out and copy the one that matches Their Christmas and then they illustrate to match. This student goes to church on Christmas.

Day 2: We celebrated Christmas in Germany. We read Gingerbread baby before making these advent wreaths. Next year I will cut the green  paper longer so the candles are easier to glue on.

Day 3: We learned about Christmas in Italy. We actually read TWO stories and compared them. We read Strega Nona and the Legend of La Befana. and then completed this Venn Diagram I made for them. We of course filled it out as a class, because it was our first Venn in a while.
You can get both these stories from Tomie dePaola. I found this version of LaBefana becasue my school didn't have the version I prefer, but you can order it here for next year!

Day 4: We celebrated Christmas in England. We kiddos had a blast making these Christmas crackers to give to their parents for a Christmas gift. For our story I showed them an online kids version of the Christmas Carol, but next year I hope to have a hard copy to read to them, like this one:

Day 5: We celebrated Christmas in France, and I showed them Madeline's Christmas. Before we made Our manger scenes (la Creche) to put in front of our fire places like in France.

Day 6: We learned about Christmas in Sweden. I couldn't find in our Library any books specifically about the Tomten, but I did find the Christmas Troll's so for this year that was close enough. As a craft we made these simple (but still time consuming) woven hearts with a Tomten gnome glued to the front for decoration. These are for our trees at home.

Day 7: We celebrated Christmas in The Netherlands (Holland). I found instructions online to make these simple wooden shoes our of paper, and made a pattern for my kids to be able to follow with dotted and straight lines for cutting. We Read the Baker's Dozen even though it's an American story, not actually from Holland. But it fit the theme.

Day 8: We celebrated Christmas in Australia. For this day we made these adorable Kangaroo and Koala puppets complete with Santa hats. We read Wombat Divine.

I forgot to take pictures of Thursday and Friday of this week, So I"ll post them when I post the pictures of this coming weeks activities.

If you like any of these crafts, stay tuned, as I plan to post on tpt well in advance of next christmas, plans and patterns for all these crafts.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa day

This week at our School will be our annual Santa Day. 

The kids really look forward to it every year. Santa comes to school with his helpers and a present for every student (which parents were expected to send in $15 for). You probably wonder how kids won't know about the money, but our town is small, and so the whole town works together to make this work. Parents can actually go into our only store, the Co-op, and pay their money there, or speak to one of several staff members who are responsible for collecting the cash.

This year it's all a little different, but I think better.

Santa came to visit at the End of November to take a picture with every student (which will be converted into Ornaments for the parents). This was also meant to be a deterrent for naughty behaviour for the month of December as Santa reminded students not to get on the Naughty list.

On Santa Day, this Wednesday, Santa will visit again and deliver to each student a gift purchased just for them. Also on this day, students, staff and and parents who come are served a Turkey Dinner. I am grateful for any parents who come and help.

Friday, December 12, 2014

modified slap hands

In my board, students need to pass the Emergent Literacy test to be allowed to start guided reading. 

That means they need to correctly identify at least two sight words from this list of twelve. 

So in our emergent guided reading group, I've been playing a slap hands game with our early readers. I show them a few of the sight words, and then we take turns finding and slapping it on the board.

This will end up being a centre game as the year goes on, with the entire pre-primer list included on the next board.

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