Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reddit Teacher Gifts 2014

I had heard about the Reddit Gifts for teachers before, and this year I signed up for the exchange.
I was going to be happy with just a box of markers from my secret Santa, but my Secret Santa outdid herself with these gifts pictured below! 

I already have the pocket chart up holding my class jobs. Much better than my trusty disappearing sticky tack.

Don't forget to sign up next summer to receive much needed help, or to help out a needy class!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Bulletin Board

I just want to share the beautiful bulletin board put up last week by our multi-talented school secretary!

I love how the letters of FALL are the colours of falling Autumn leaves, and that they are falling! How freaking cute!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Basic Visual Noise Meter

I know some of you have really awesome 4 or 5 level visual sound level posters in your classroom, and I have one up that we will graduate to, but my VERY energetic class needs a more basic visual for them. My administrator suggested a two colour visual and we've been using this for about a week now. 

Time will tell if it has long term effects. This poster board CAN'T be missed. We've talked at length about how red is the colour of STOP, and green is the colour of GO. I also, as you can see, included a single superhero working alone quietly for stop, and several heroes together for TALK.

Do you use visuals to remind your students when they are allowed to speak and when they need to listen?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Sight word review

My kiddos are REALLY low, so we have a LOT of work to do this year to make sure we're ready for Second grade.

So to learn our Sight Words, we're learning them as we review (and in some case learn)  our Jolly phonics sounds. The first Six letters you learn the basic sounds for when you're using Jolly are SATIPN.

I painstakingly went through ALL the Dolch list and reorganized all 220 words so that the words were in an order that coordinate with the sounds in Jolly. We'll be long finished with Jolly before we get through all the words though. However, no word will be learned unless we've learned the sound, then we'll get to the tricky words. I'm not really sure EXACTLY how I'll do it as we go along, but for now we are on pace.

One thing we'll do each week with our Five sight words is the below. I was inspired by THIS PIN for this activity. I put all the necessary letters on post it notes and had students come up and help me read and spell/sound out the words. If necessary I will review as we go along.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We are all Treaty People

I grew up in Nova Scotia, and I don't really remember learning much about the native culture there growing up, other than a basic study of traditional MicMac in grade school. I never learned about modern repercussions to them due to European exposure, etc.

However, now that I'm living and working in Saskatchewan, the long lasting effects of treaty are becoming more clear to me.

Saskatchewan is the ONLY province in Canada to mandate that students in all grades K-12 have treaty knowledge, and native education included.

The focus of First grade treaty inclusion is that  "WE ARE ALL TREATY PEOPLE".

To me at first I didn't get it. I had always thought that treaties had nothing to do with me because they happened LONG before I was born and I am not native Canadian.

However, I've since learned that I AM a treaty person because the treaty is a promise between the people of Canada (Me), and the first nations people (my students- Cree, Dene, Metis).

Below is a poster we made with treaty promise at the bottom and a poem at the top about how long a treaty is for. We'll be referring to this through out the year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coat closet Management: Superhero

Honestly, I'm not even sure my kiddos have noticed this, and even if they have, they can't read it yet, they are all still very low readers.

However, that won't stop me from thinking it's cute, and pointing it out later in the year when snow-pants, mittens and hats find their way to the floor, and I need a reminder for them to hang them up.

I will be constantly reminding SOMEONE to Hang their cape in their cubby, lol.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bathroom Management Tool: Superhero (Batman)

I knew that when I moved classrooms this year I would say goodbye to the bathroom disappearing act issues of last year, but would be saying hello to a host of new issues.

Case in point, my kiddos want to be in the Bathroom ALL THE TIME!
I have one student who I am not kidding was in there at least five times one day this week.

We've had to have a few class chats about how you MUST use the washroom before coming to school in the morning, even if you think you don't have to, and you MUST go again before coming back after lunch. Seems like common sense, but not so much to a bunch of first graders.

So I redesigned my bathroom system from last year, simplifying and prettifying it. 

I found the "Even BATMAN washes his hands" image through a google search. I glued to blue poster board and laminiated for durability. I then stapled on a piece of wide red velvet  ribbon (courtesy my moms craft supplies this summer).

Here's how my system works:
1. Students find their names on the ribbon when they want to use the washroom.
2. They put their nam ein the basket on the table nearby.
3. You may only use ONCE in the morning and ONCE in the afternoon, other than at recess.

This is slowly cutting down on the excessive trips, hopefully it works all year.

How do you manage the bathroom?

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