Thursday, January 31, 2013

Groundhog Day Idea Overload

I went through all my photos of my classes, and I can't find a single picture having to do with groundhogs day, although I know in my first two classes, we did talk about it (My third was a private school, and I could not celebrate any holidays that were not their religion).

Here are some ideas in case you're still grasping at straws for February 2nd:

If your school does breakfast, or as a special treat from you, PANCAKES:

Hidden Pictures from highlights:


Science Experiment:

Tree Map:


Please Check out the rest of my ideas on my Pinterest Board, and maybe Follow me!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Education in the News: January 2013

I'm hoping to make this a monthly feature on my blog, with short summaries, and links to the applicable news articles. Tell me what you think, please!~

I know there were a  TON more stories, but I only decided to do this monthly feature after the month was more than half over. Forgive me?

99 Year old teacher with no plans to retire
This remarkable lady teaches cooking, sewing and costume making in New Jersey. Her students call her Granny, isn't that adorable?

Teacher in trouble over duct-taping
This teacher reportedly handed out pieces of duct tape to her students to repair their text books, and they put the tape over their own mouths becaus ethey thought it was funny. The teacher may be fired over the posting of the photo she took.

Reprimand for paper gun?
I feel that this incident was a bit of an over reaction. The student brought a paper gun to school, and when realizing she still had it, she threw it out, but she still got yelled at by her teacher who told her she could go to jail. What about the kid who was a tattle tale and took it out of the garbage? Shouldn't he punished as well for trying to get a classmate in trouble? This kid didn't threaten anyone with the paper, all she did was throw it in the garbage. In my opinion, this was a bit ridiculous.

MaryJane tweeting teacher
I wonder if some teachers miss the session in teachers college where they tell you to be aware of your social image and to be careful what you post online? She shouldn't have allowed these pictures to have been taken, let alone shared. I know you shouldn't lose your job over your life outside school, but she also has an image to uphold, and she is supposed to be an example to her students. She says her friends posted them, but even if that is true, I wouldn't want someone who smokes dope for fun to be in charge of MY daughters well being, would you?

Canada ordered to provide ALL residential school documents
I know many of you are in the US, so I don't know if you even HAD residential schools, so this article may confuse you. If you're unaware of them, a residential school was where the Federal government ordered native children to attend school and tried to force them to assiminate into western culture, and lose their own culture and language. All the infomation the government has on the schools and the 150,000 students who attended is now available for the investigation and to help with healing and reconcilliation.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Short answer essays?

When I was in University, I took a philosophy class. I loved Philosophy. If I could have made a career out of majoring in it, I may have.

One day my professor told us about a student who answered a One Word final exam question in Philosophy with a two word answer.


Why not?

This story has stuck with me for over ten years now.

Would you accept a short answer when expecting a long detailed reply?

What about if you asked you students to write a short story?

How short is too short?

How long is too long?

I figure this is why we all use variations of rubrics so students know what we expect to come onto our desks so they get full marks.

Otherwise, we may end up receiving THIS:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I know none of you would do this:

I found this image online yesterday and posted it to my Facebook account.

I surely hope I have no teacher friends, either personal or virtual, who have ever done what this student suspected and proved true.

But it is funny looking at it as an outsider, but I would be MORTIFIED if I was the teacher in question who had started to read it, and after starting to read the essay decided that this student who always does good work, would do the same quality work as always, and just AWARDED the mark without continuing to read.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geeky Teachers LOVE ThinkGeek

I love and am checking their website weekly for new additions.

Here are a couple new ones I think teachers will get a kick out of, especially geeky ones like me!

Isn't adorable how these equal love when you do the Algebra?

DNA molecules Plushies?

Do you have a favourite Golden Oldie from Think Geek? If so, which one?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Multiplication made easy

I stumbled across this video on Youtube earlier this week, and today found a great post about using it in the classroom by Rundes Room. Check out her post here on Latice Multiplication.

One of her students work on this cool math:

I've noted this and saved it on my Pinterest account. I hope to be able to teach it someday, have you tried it yet?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My favourite posts of Mine from 2012 :)

Okay, so I know I haven't done much posting this year compared to many, but I hope I've made a few good contributions to the teacher blogging community.

As a personal review as I prepare for a new season of job applications to find a job for next year, I decided to look back at what I've contributed in 2012. Please bear with me.

My favourite personal posts:

1. My Addition Doubles Posters
I'm quite proud of these posters, and they seem to get quite a few hits.

2. My Superhero journal Paper.
I love Superheros and journaling!

3. I love Pinterest, and one of the few tutorials I've done this year, was sharing how to properly share pins from Pinterest so proper credit is given.

4. This years Sunday School Christmas Song. I wrote this, and I'm glad I did, it was easy and wasn't something that gets sung EVERY SINGLE YEAR: Boring!

5. My Bloggers with the same name challenge, even if no one seems to have taken me up on the challenge, I enjoyed trying to find teachers bloggers using the same blogging name as me.

6. My Sunday School Classroom. I like making my room be something my class can consider their own.

Have you taken a good look at what you've contributed this year and chosen your favourite posts yet?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogger Feature: Think all Night... Teach all Day

Today I share the fourth Entry in my 100 followers celebration. 

Yeah! I have 102, thank you for joining me ladies!

I'm still looking for 6 more link ups who would LOVE to be featured on my blog before I'll share the new Freebies I've been working on with you, and HOARDING for awhile now!

My new feature is Think all Night, teach all day.
Deanna blogs from beautiful California (at least, I assume it's beautiful, I've never been there, but all my the movies and TV shows shot their are awesome!) and teaches first grade. I originally found her through Whole Brain teaching, which you should definitely check out!

As planned, here are my favourite ideas from the blog, in no particular order:

1. Her Super Improvers Wall for classroom management. Students compete with themselves for improvement.

2. Her class allowed a pumpkin to decompose for science after Halloween. How smart!

3. I love hands on science experiments, so I am definitely a fan of how she did this colour activity:

Please check Deanna out and follow her so she'll continue to share her awesome classroom ideas, both from Whole Brain teaching and otherwise.

Who will be my next feature? It should be you!!! (Click the first link in this post to go to the linky to sign up)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Outside the US Blogging Linky Party

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this linky party today!  Thank you Making it as A Middle School Teacher!

As a Canadian Blogger I absolutely LOVE all the ideas I find from other bloggers, but get frustrated at the lack of Canadian Content I find. 

It's also hard when you see ideas for Thanksgiving AFTER the holiday, and great resources for Remembrance Day, but the printables are labelled as Veterans Day. 

Hopefully this linky will help me find some great quality bloggers who I'll follow ALL of!

I haven't blogged about much in awhile since I don't have a position this year, and my Maternity leave is coming to an end in just a month, but once I'm working again, you can be sure to see ideas I collect again while subbing when my retail job allows, and I'll ask for your prayers as I look for a teaching job for next teaching year.

Happy Blogging to all my new friends!

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