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The Simplest Ways to Make Use of Poems

Poetry in the Classroom?
Of course!
I love using poetry, don't you?
Of course you do, it's awesome.
You'd have to be a Beast to not see the benefits, lol.

Ok, not a beast, but maybe you just haven't found the right way to use poetry for YOUR classroom just yet.

How Can I use Poetry in my Class?
There are more ways to use poetry in a classroom than I can mention in one simple article, but I will share some of my favourites with you.

1. During Circle Time have a poem or twenty on your chart stand that your class reads together over the course of the year. Throughout the course of the year, change up how you interact with your poems. I recommend laminating so they can be reused all year, and brought out again next year with a new group. 
Suggestions for use:
-Teacher Read Aloud (with pointer)
-Students read along with the teacher
-Teacher Reads the line and pauses at the rhyme and prompts students to complete
-Students circle sight words (see picture)
-Students circle rhyming words

-Students read alone
-Students locate the random line the teacher quotes

2. Use as part of Word family or Sight Word studies- Write together a poem using as many words as they can from that week's word family or the most recent sight words.

3. On Posters around the Room and to Remember Rules. Take a picture of your kiddos standing how they are supposed to and put it up by the door. You can do similar things for other rules too! Poetry is a great way to remember rules. A rule at my house is, "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." Helen always remembers the rule because as soon as a start saying the short rhyme she can easily remember what comes next.
4. To Teach curriculum outcomes or character education.
Math? Sure!
Bullying? Got you covered!
I even wrote a few poems for anti-bullying as part of my popular Pink Shirt Day Resource.

5. Do you have a Christmas Concert? You could sing a song, or you could have the kids recite a rhythmic poem, complete wth drums. It's really up to you! You could introduce a few poems in November and go over them with the kids and have them vote on their favourite to share with their families at the concert. See More of my Christmas Songs

6. As books to read! (includes affiliate link) After all, we need to expose our kids to a variety of genres, why not poetry? Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on! Run into the library or bookstore and try a few different authors until you find one whose style you like.
Recently I introduced my daughter to the works of Sheree Fitch. Our first poem by her was the classic Mabel Murple. Check out Helen's review below:

Mabel Murple (pb) Mabel Murple (PB)
What if there was a purple planet with purple people on it? Sheree Fitch answers this question with a zany tongue-twister of a poem featuring Mabel Murple, a daredevil who rides a purple motorbike through purple puddles, skis on purple snow, and on her pancakes pours maple syrup. With a rich and vivid purple palette, Sydney Smith's brand-new illustrations reflect the wild joy in this classic poem. Originally published in 1995, Mabel Murple won the Ann Connor Brimer award for children's literature.

Oh, and if you like Mabel Murple, you should check out Helen's previous review of Red is Best Here!

Your turn!

What's your favourite way to add poetry to your class?

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  1. Love all of these ideas for including poetry year round, not just in April. I really need to up my game on using poetry in the classroom!

    1. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll find ways to use it all year.


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